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Equipment New/Used

All items below are in stock, however quantities may vary. For price and availability, call today.

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Equipment/Part NumberDescriptionConditionQuantity On HandImage
JP100STractor, Eagle/Jetporter Towbarless Tug - 100,000 lb Capacity (Electric)New2image coming soon
XM-20Tractor, Eagle Tug - 16,000 D.B.P - 210,000 lb Max Towing (Cummins Diesel Tier 4 Final)New2image coming soon
08T4049-0013Engine Compressor WasherNew1image coming soon
Lektro 8600Electric Towing Vehicle, Aircraft Up To 30,000 LBSGently Used1Lektro 8600
HC-2150Flowmeter, 10 GPM (MB)New1
HC-2129Flowmeter, 15 GPM (MB)New1
5J101EB7CHydraulic Power Unit, MIL-PRF-5606, 4000 PSI, 20 GPM, 380-400V, 50HzNew - 3 Hours From OEM Test1
56310GG1BCHydraulic Power Unit, Phosphate Ester, 3500 PSI, 34 GPM, 220-240V, 60HzGently Used - 20 Hours1image coming soon
57315AF37U4Hydraulic Power Unit, Phosphate Ester, 4000 PSI, 34 GPM, 220-240V 60HzGently Used - 5 Hours1image coming soon
53311ZZ3CNHydraulic Power Unit, Phosphate Ester, 5000 PSI, 11 GPM, 440-480V, 60HzNew1image coming soon
5H310ZZ5Hydraulic Power Unit, Phosphate Ester, Dash-100/300, 200V, 50HzNew - 3 Hours From OEM Test1image coming soon
5H310ZZ0Hydraulic Power Unit, Phosphate Ester, Dash-100/300, 208V, 60HzNew - 3 Hours From OEM Test1image coming soon
5H310ZZ6Hydraulic Power Unit, Phosphate Ester, Dash-100/300, 220-240V, 50HzNew - 3 Hours From OEM Test1image coming soon
5H310ZZ3Hydraulic Power Unit, Phosphate Ester, Dash-100/300, 440-480V, 60HzGently Used1image coming soon
5H310ZZ3Hydraulic Power Unit, Phosphate Ester, Dash-100/300, 440-480V, 60HzNew - 3 Hours From OEM Test1image coming soon
02-7861-9100Jack, Axle 12 TonNew1image coming soon
02A7898C0100Jack, Axle 3 Stage 5 Ton With Air Pump (CE)New102a7898 Jack
02-7830-0110 Jack, Axle 25 Ton - BAe 146-100, -200, -300/Avro RJ100 | BAe ATP / RJ70 / BAe RJ85 | Fokker 27, 28, 50, 70 | Gulfstream G350 / G450 / G500 / G550 / G600 / II / III / IV / IVSP / V / VSP | Lockheed C-130New1Tronair 02-7830-0110 Jack, Axle 25 Ton
02-7835C0100Jack, Axle 25 Ton - Bombardier 6500 | Bombardier Global 5000, 5500, 6000, 6500, 7500, 8000, Express, Express XRS | Dassault Falcon 7X, 8XNew1Tronair 02-7835C0100 Jack, Axle 25 Ton
02A1040C0111Jack, Tripod 10 Ton With Air Pump (CE)New3image coming soon
02-7802-0111Jack, Tripod 12 TonNew2image coming soon
02A1256-0111Jack, Tripod 12 Ton With Air PumpNew1image coming soon
02A7912C0100Jack, Tripod 12 Ton With Air Pump (CE)New5image coming soon
02A7899C0100Jack, Tripod 12 Ton With Air Pump (CE)New2image coming soon
02-0234-0111Jack, Tripod 2 TonNew1image coming soon
02-7812-0110Jack, Tripod 5 TonNew3image coming soon
02-7856-0100Jack, Tripod 5 TonPowder Coat, New Seals, Placards, Restored With Load Test Certificate202-7856-0100 Jack
02-0522-0140Jack, Tripod 5 TonPowder Coat, New Seals, Placards, Restored With Load Test Certificate102-0522-0140 Jack
02A1032-0100Jack, Tripod 10 Ton With Air Pump Cleaned With Load Test Certificate3image coming soon
02A1036-0111Jack, Tripod 10 Ton With Air Pump Powder Coat, New Seals, Placards, Restored With Load Test Certificate3Tronair 02A1036-0111
02-1040-0100Jack, Tripod 10 TonPowder Coat, New Seals, Placards, Restored With Load Test Certificate802-1040 and 02-1036 jacks
02A7856-0100Jack, Tripod 5 Ton With Air Pump Powder Coat, New Seals, Placards, Restored With Load Test Certificate102A7856-0100 Jack
01-1185-0011Towbar, Custom AH-64, S-61, S-70, UH/MH-60 (CE)New1image coming soon
01-1212-0000Towbar, Custom F-70/100New101-1212 towbar
01-1275-0010-A1Towbar, Portable Global Express (CE)New1image coming soon
01-1112-0010Towbar, Snap-Bak Various (CE)New1image coming soon
01-1270-0010Towbar, Standard Multi-Head (CE)New1image coming soon
01-1202-0000Towbar, Standard Multi-Head (CE)New2image coming soon
01-1201-0010Towbar, Standard Multi-Head (CE)New1image coming soon
H-1009-01-1Hand Pump HandleNew12
TF-1043-03*15.0Hose Assembly (04MB)New10image coming soon
TF-1038-16*38.5Hose Assembly (04MB)New1image coming soon
TF-1038-16*23.0Hose Assembly (04MB)New1image coming soon
TF-1038-15*20.0Hose Assembly (04MB)New1image coming soon
TF-1038-14*41.0Hose Assembly (04MB)New1image coming soon
TF-1038-14*180Hose Assembly (04MB)New1image coming soon
TF-1041-05*300Hose Assembly (04PE)New3image coming soon
TF-1043-06*18.0Hose Assembly (06MB)New2image coming soon
TF-1039-17*17.5Hose Assembly (08MB)New1image coming soon
TF-1038-08*15.5Hose Assembly (08MB)New1image coming soon
TF-1037-13*22.0Hose Assembly (08MB)New1image coming soon
TF-1037-01*35.0Hose Assembly (08MB)New1image coming soon
TF-1037-01*300Hose Assembly (08MB)New1image coming soon
TF-1041-21*46.0Hose Assembly (08PE)New1image coming soon
TF-1041-10*15.5Hose Assembly (08PE)New1image coming soon
TF-1041-09*18.0Hose Assembly (08PE)New1image coming soon
TF-1039-21*31.3Hose Assembly (12MB)New1image coming soon
TF-1038-10*37.0 (Supersedes TF-1038-01*37.0)Hose Assembly (12MB)New1image coming soon
TF-1038-10*300Hose Assembly (12MB)New2image coming soon
TF-1039-22*49.5Hose Assembly (16MB)New1image coming soon
TF-1038-33*32.8Hose Assembly (16MB)New1image coming soon
TF-1038-31*16.3Hose Assembly (16MB)New1image coming soon
TF-1039-18*35.3Hose Assembly (20MB)New1image coming soon
TF-1038-39*12.5Hose Assembly (24MB)New1image coming soon
1H11C3Hose Clamp CrimpNew14image coming soon
TF-1155 - Sold Per Foot (Supersedes H-1410)Hose, Supply CPU 2"New1image coming soon
K-3874Kit, Internal PartsNew2image coming soon
K-2243Kit, Internal PartsNew5image coming soon
K-1069Kit, Internal PartsNew8image coming soon
K-4219Kit, Replacement Cylinder SealNew7
K-3860 (Supersedes K-2025 and K-2026)Kit, Replacement Cylinder SealNew2
K-3079Kit, Replacement Cylinder SealNew3
K-2665Kit, Replacement Cylinder SealNew2image coming soon
K-2606Kit, Replacement Cylinder SealNew2image coming soon
K-2499Kit, Replacement Cylinder SealNew5
K-1934Kit, Replacement Cylinder SealNew5
K-1051Kit, Replacement Cylinder SealNew2
K-1050Kit, Replacement Cylinder SealNew3
K-1049Kit, Replacement Cylinder SealNew3
K-1035Kit, Replacement Cylinder SealNew1
H1000BBCKKit, Replacement Cylinder Seal - ActuatorNew2image coming soon
K-4215Kit, Replacement Hand Pump SealNew6image coming soon
K-4029Kit, Replacement Hand Pump SealNew5image coming soon
K-3873Kit, Replacement Hand Pump SealNew1image coming soon
K-3441Kit, Replacement Hand Pump SealNew2image coming soon
K-2503Kit, Replacement Hand Pump SealNew3image coming soon
K-2241Kit, Replacement Hand Pump SealNew4
K-1939Kit, Replacement Hand Pump SealNew5image coming soon>
K-1001Kit, Replacement Hand Pump SealNew13
K-1000Kit, Replacement Hand Pump SealNew12image coming soon
740A0012Kit, Replacement Seal CJ69J1270New3image coming soon
L-517104-301Kit, Shaft and BearingNew1image coming soon
V-1102Label, 5606ANew14image coming soon
V-1889Label, Axle JackNew3image coming soon
V-1016Label, CapacityNew15image coming soon
V-1517Label, CautionNew7image coming soon
V-1428Label, CautionNew5image coming soon
V-1405Label, CautionNew3image coming soon
V-1015Label, Caution & InstructionNew13image coming soon
V-1776Label, Down ArrowNew9image coming soon
V-2050Label, Filter ReplacementNew1
V-1819Label, Hydraulic Jack CautionNew21image coming soon
V-1820Label, Hydraulic Jack InstructionNew20image coming soon
V-2105Label, Jacking InstructionsNew2image coming soon
V-1904Label, K-3492 Filter ReplacementNew1
V-1905Label, K-3493 Filter ReplacementNew1
V-1001Label, Made in USANew13image coming soon
V-1019Label, Maximum Capacity 20,000 lbNew18image coming soon
V-1976Label, MIL-PRF-83282New2
V-1126Label, Pressure/FlowNew4
V-1775Label, Pump ForceNew9image coming soon
V-2103Label, Retract WarningNew2image coming soon
V-1779 - SN RequiredLabel, Serial CE Non-ElectNew2image coming soon
V-1003Label, Serial NumberNew7image coming soon
V-2102Label, Staging WarningNew2image coming soon
V-1198Label, TronairNew6image coming soon
V-1197Label, TronairNew4image coming soon
N-2789-01-S-BMale, Straight ThreadNew9image coming soon
H-1173Needle Valve, Air InletNew2
N-2713Nipple, Hydraulic MaleNew1image coming soon
55925-903O-RingNew103Tronair 55925-903 O-Ring
55925-164O-RingNew19Tronair 55925-164 O-Ring
55925-165O-RingNew15Tronair 55925-165 O-Ring
55925-258O-RingNew15Tronair 55925-258 O-Ring
55925-266O-RingNew15Tronair 55925-266 O-Ring
55925-349O-RingNew38Tronair 55925-349 O-Ring
55925-354O-RingNew31Tronair 55925-354 O-Ring
55925-437O-RingNew38Tronair 55925-437 O-Ring
55925-440O-RingNew16Tronair 55925-440 O-Ring
55908-16O-RingNew1Tronair 55908-16 O-Ring
55908-17O-RingNew1Tronair 55908-17 O-Ring
55931-256O-Ring Teflon With GrooveNew1
55931-244O-Ring Teflon With GrooveNew1
HC-2007-228O-Ring, Series 2New3image coming soon
HC-2007-015O-Ring, Series 2New2
HC-2007-014O-Ring, Series 2New3
HC-2007-011O-Ring, Series 2New1
HC-2000-210O-Ring, Series 2New9
HC-2000-204O-Ring, Series 2New1image coming soon
HC-2000-111O-Ring, Series 2New10
HC-2000-109O-Ring, Series 2New3
HC-2014-912O-Ring, Series 3New1image coming soon
HC-2014-910O-Ring, Series 3New3
HC-2014-905O-Ring, Series 3New1
20-4500-7000Oxygen Booster (CE)New4image coming soon
G-1318-1033Pin 5/8X3.3 LG Model DNew12
G-1318-0825 (Supersedes G-1318-0826)Pin, 1/2 Model DNew10
R-1443Piston, 5000 psiNew1image coming soon
N-2066-20-S-VPlug, O-Ring HexNew1
N-2066-06-S-VPlug, O-Ring HexNew1
N-2066-10-S-VPlug, O-Ring Hex (#10)New1
HC-1042Pressure Gauge 0-5000 PSI (Calibrated)New1image coming soon
1F14C1-66Protector Cap With ChainNew8image coming soon
187G00S20/123E00A76Pyrometer Lens and O-Ring ReplacementNew1
BH4-61QC Nipple 1/2" FNPT Brass 1000 PSINew1image coming soon
BH4-60Quick Disconnect Coupler 1/2" FNPT BrassNew1image coming soon
TR-1026Ram Protection RingNew2image coming soon
HJ-553Ram Protection RingNew4image coming soon
HJ-536Ram Protection RingNew8image coming soon
SMSR-400-28TRRectifier (28.5 VDC)New With Load Bank Certificate2image coming soon
N-2210-04-SReducer, Pipe ThreadNew2image coming soon
EC-1525Relay, IEC Overload (18-90A)New1
K-3751Replacement Filter ElementNew1
K-3097Replacement Filter ElementNew2
K-3096Replacement Filter ElementNew4
K-1895Replacement Filter ElementNew3
K-1894Replacement Filter ElementNew2
K-1417 (Supersedes HC-1088)Replacement Filter ElementNew1image coming soon
H-1439Replacement Filter ElementNew3
HC-1753Replacement Hand PumpNew1
HC-1752Replacement Hand PumpNew1
HC-1751Replacement Hand PumpNew1
H-1045Reservoir BreatherNew9
06-5020-1500Reservoir Service UnitNew4image coming soon
55904-381Retaining RingNew1
HC-2020-114Ring, Back-UpNew1
HC-2020-015Ring, Back-UpNew2
HC-2020-014Ring, Back-UpNew3image coming soon
HC-2020-011Ring, Back-UpNew1image coming soon
55929-164Ring, Back-UpNew1
G-1158-106106Screw, 1/4-20 OvalNew91
86366ASeal Assembly (M/F -1 & -2)New1
86365ASeal Assembly (M/F -1 & -2)New1image coming soon
HC-2297Shaft SealNew1
08-2030-0000SPStand, Engine (Grey) (CE)New2image coming soon
216-1-24Steel BallNew3
HC-2371Steering Valve (WP)New1image coming soon
H-2329Stop Nut, 30 TonNew1image coming soon
14-6906-0100Strut/LG Service ToolNew1image coming soon
2S22E5P-2Tee Street 1/8" BrassNew2image coming soon
N-2016-05-STee, Run Swivel NutNew5image coming soon
N-2740-04-S-BTee, Straight Thread BranchNew9image coming soon
G-1489Washer, Countersunk FinishNew68
H-1735-02Washer, NylonNew1
EDF HCTR1.25A1.25 Amp CC Class Time Delay FuseNew2image coming soon
EDF HCTR1.6A1.6 Amp CC Class Time Delay FuseNew6image coming soon
N-2006-04-S1/4" FNPT ElbowNew1image coming soon
N-2010-04-S1/4" FNPT ReducerNew2image coming soon
TF-1047-01*12.01/4" Gray Pushlock (Sold Per Foot)New8image coming soon
N-2412-041/8"MNPT x 1/4" Barb BrassNew8image coming soon
663-E150240X480-120 TransformerNew1image coming soon
N-2004-15-S37°JIC Long Male Elbow 90°New3image coming soon
N-2005-10-S37°JIC Male Elbow 90°New3image coming soon
N-2005-09-S37°JIC Male Elbow 90°New3image coming soon
HC-1399 Clamp4" Triangular Bezel With ClampNew2image coming soon
N-2250-10Adapter, Fitting Pipe - JICNew1image coming soon
14-6826-6000Aircraft Strut Servicing GaugeNew2image coming soon
H-2679Assembly, Inlet DiffusorNew5image coming soon
25G60S100E97Ball Valve HandleNew10
J-3415-01Bracket, Air Pump MountNew8
U-1013Caster, RigidNew2image coming soon
U-1014Caster, SwivelNew1image coming soon
N-2009-08-SConnector, MaleNew10image coming soon
EC-1587Contactor, IEC MotorNew1
HC-1878Cooler, OilNew1
N-2410-05Elbow, 90 Degree MaleNew10image coming soon
N-2791-01-S-BElbow, MaleNew9
N-2410-01Elbow, MaleNew1
N-2005-08-SElbow, MaleNew2
N-2001-08-S-BElbow, Straight ThreadNew10
G-1250-1050Flatwasher 1/4 NarrowNew1
EC-1557-30Fuse, Class JNew3
HC-1969Fuse, Velocity CartridgeNew1
H-1223Grip, HandleNew47
Genie IWP-25S DCAerial Work PlatformGently Used2
Z-8591Shear Plate, Towbar HeadNew1
Z-2169-01Extension Shim Plate - 2"New1
Z-2168-01Extension Shim Plate - 1"New1
K-1106Kit, Manifold AssemblyNew0
HC-2328Translucent ReservoirNew0
K-1061-04Kit, Reservoir AssemblyNew0
HC-2235-1Sightgauge, Flow (PE)New1
HC-1768-04Ball ValveNew1
51716GENIGENI Extension SpringNew1
4221010GENIGENI Nylon Molded FootpadNew3
116190Fan MotorNew1
425-001Air Relief Valve 125PSINew2
86317Diaphragm SealNew31
412-004Chrome Ball, SteelNew4
55033Pump Cup RetainerNew1
55049Cup Retainer 3/4"New1
412-001Steel Ball, 3/8 DiameterNew3
323-055SHCS 8-32 X 1/2 LGNew3
55922-16Ring, Back-UpNew3
55048Cup 3/4"New5
55004Pump Packing 7/16"New31
323-056SHCS, 1/4-20 X 1/2 LGNew3
371-015Tension Pin 1/8 X 3/8 LGNew10
55002Flat Head PinNew25
365-004Washer, O-Ring Seal 5/16 DiameterNew30
55044Pump Packing 3/4"New28
86369Pump GasketNew1
390-022Lead and Wire SealNew1
55922-9Ring, Back-UpNew4
55031Cup 7/16"New11
EC-1542-04Fuse, LP-CC Low PeakNew6
EC-1557-02Fuse, Class JNew3
EC-1607Auxiliary ContactNew1
EC-1726-14Fuse, Class CC (Rejection)New6
EC-1726-09Fuse, Rejection-TypeNew1
EC-1726-08Fuse, Class CC (Rejection)New4
EC-1726-04Fuse, Class CC (Rejection)New2
EC-1834 (Supersedes EC-1203-04-F)Relay, IEC Overload (5.4-27A) ***EC-1838 REQUIREDNew1
EC-1838 (Supersedes EC-1203-04-F)Contactor, IEC Motor ***EC-1834 REQUIREDNew1
HC-1763Replacement Filter ElementNew5
481-002Oil Screen, Air PumpNew2
V-1050Label, Electrical ShockNew5
496171Lower Cap ScrewNew4
96171Upper Cap ScrewNew4
1039171Lower Muffler CapNew2
939171Upper Muffler CapNew2
165158Muffler TubeNew10
n-2413-2Air NippleNew9
4-6M80VMini Ball Valve, Brass Chrome Plated PTFE 1/4" MNPT 450 PSINew22
N-2410-04Elbow, MaleNew22
N-2589-02Air NippleNew23
52G5OGauge O-RingNew25
53G5OGauge O-RingNew21
52G5NGauge PointerNew50
53G5NGauge PointerNew50
B-543Selector Valve LeverNew5
FT-1001Pressure Gauge Pressure LineNew3
EC-1948Emergency StopNew1
1X1SQSquare Tube CapNew98
2-106-EPR-70 EPR O-RingNew1
K-3752Replacement Filter ElementNew1
HC-2020-011Ring, Back-UpNew1
HC-2007-015O-Ring, Series 2New2
2-111-EPR-70O-Ring, EPRNew2
2-205-EPR-70O-Ring, EPRNew4
V-1975Label, MIL-H-5605 Fluid OnlyNew1
V-1032Label, Minimum Oil LevelNew1
V-1035Label, Use MIL-L-23699 Engine Oil or EquivalentNew1
V-1335Label, Replacement Filter Element P/N K-1414New2
V-1059Label, PressureNew1
V-1060Label, ReturnNew1
V-2033Label, Caution Do Not Use On Closed Hydraulic SystemNew1
160-650Label, Columbus Jack - LargeNew3Tronair 160-650 Label, Columbus Jack - Large